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Hawthorne Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Virtual Learning

Our Digital Learning (Virtual Learning) information will be housed on each child's teacher(s)'s course(s). Those courses on located on Verge (our Learning Management System).  Our students access Verge through our Launchpad.  Here are a reminder of how we can access Launchpad and Verge while away from school anytime and anyplace (with internet access) 

Accessing Launchpad
1. Click on this link ( the icon below for access to our Launchpad
2. Click on Log in with Active Directory, it will look like the picture below (do not click on picture)
3.  Input your child's information (see below icon - do not click on picture)
* if your have more than one child, please clear your browser (and history) so that the other child(ren) are able to gain access

DeKalb County School District Free Resources 
 Password Resets
If students need their password reset, they will be able to use a webform located at:  
Please visit the Virtual Learning Support Website for Extra Assistance: